Everyone that creates an account right now gets 365 days of premium account.
We don't remove premium days from your account so you will always have 365 days.
There will not be any payments for premium accounts, if you want to donate that will be appreciated but never required.

  • Travel with boats
  • Learn new spells in Edron
  • Be promoted in your vocation
  • You may wear premium outfits
  • You may form guilds
  • You may rent houses & guildhalls

Zanera - 7.4 Modifications
Experience rate: 3x
Skills: 10x
Magic rate: 4x
Lootrate: 2x
Mana regen: 2x

The spellsystem is the same as Tibia 7.4 used.

You do NOT need soul for spells and spells require magic level and NOT experience level.

You can find all mana costs and level requirements here.

When you reach level 5 on a selfmade character open discord #level-trade click the blue button that says "Time-Capsule Character".

This will open a new chat window that only you and staff members can see, write your name that you reached level 5 with and you will be given a random character from Original Zanera.

The pools are #1 Level 8-49 (30000+ characters) #2 Level 50-100 (500+ characters) and #3 Level 100+ (34 Characters).

You are able to get characters from pool #2 whenever you take level 5, 10, 20 and 40 on a selfmade character.

You are able to get one character from pool #3 whenever you take level 80 on a selfmade character.

The only way our script can see if you are level required is if you've logged out after you reached the level, so make sure you logout after the level requirement is met and then message on discord.

The spellsystem is the same as Tibia 7.4

Boats do not have PZ

There is a second NPC on all major boats that will respond to "bring me to", example; Bring me to venore

Wands are disabled

Manafluids are revamped back to 7.4 (25-75 mana 105gp) you get 5 gp back from the vial

All weapons with 25 or more ATK has been increased by +5 ATK, example; War hammer has 50 ATK instead of 45 ATK but Spike Sword that has 24 ATK remains the same

The PvP rules:

Skull System:
3 unjustified kills within 1 server save will give you red skull for 7 days.
If you double the amount of kills you will receive an automatic banishment for 7 days.
All unjustified kills you have gets removed every server save.
Example, if you get 2 unjustified kills right before server save and then you login again after server save you can kill another 2 without getting red skull
If it isn't clear then please ask on discord for a more detailed explaination.

Find the home you wish to rent by going here

Empty houses are auctioned on the web.
The auction starts when the first character submits a bid and ends one week later.
You can specify a limit up to which other bids should automatically be outbid.
When the auction ends, the winning bid plus the rent for the first month are debited to the corresponding depot.
If the depot does not contain enough money, the auction starts again, but the account of the winner is excluded from any auction for one month.
Note that you may only hold the highest bid for one house and only rent one house on each world at the same time.
Guildhalls can only be rented by guild leaders.

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